Policies & Procedures

Olivia’s Dollhouse Tea Room Policies- Upland is proud of our excellent service and outstanding reputation. We attribute our success to the sheer determination to ensure that all of our patrons receive quality service and our desire to give the best party ever for our guest of honor. If at any time you feel that you have not received service that consists of quality, courtesy and professionalism, please let Management know. We will not tolerate rudeness or below standard service to any of our guests. We maintain an open-ear policy so your comments and critiques are always welcomed. We want to hear from you.

Our POLICIES are designed to ensure that all guests enjoy a memorable event that will last a lifetime. Therefore, we strictly adhere to the following procedures:

A. Please be on time. We suggest arriving as close to the time booked, as we do not allow for early entry. If you have not requested additional time, your party is for the time limit specified in your contract. We will be escorting your party out promptly at the end of your party time. Please make sure parents are aware and respectful of time if little ones are being dropped off.

B. $150 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking a party. There are absolutely no refunds; however, you may use the deposit to reschedule your party as long as it is made within 72 hours of your scheduled party date which is the same time the final payment and count is due. If balance is paid in full, you have the option to choose your time slot. If your balance is not paid in full, you will be allowed to change your date but the time slot will be 4 – 6pm. You may reschedule once and your new booking date must be put on the book within 10 days of rescheduling date. If your newly scheduled date is not recorded within that period, you will forfeit your deposit. Even if your party is set for a year out, we need record of your new date. If no response is received within 72 hours of your scheduled party date, you have forfeited your deposit, option to reschedule and party will be cancelled.

C. Deposits and Balances due may be paid in the form of credit card. The remaining balance must be paid in full within 72 hours of your scheduled party date. There is a 3.5 % credit card fee if a credit card is used to pay.

D. A final EXACT head count is required two to three business days before the date of your  scheduled party.

E. Parents/Adults are welcomed. If you would like to bring something for the adults, that is perfectly okay, but keep in mind our staff is there to serve the children. If you are providing food for the adults, be sure to also bring paper plates, napkins, cups, etc., as we do not supply those items. BECAUSE OF HEALTH CODE REGULATIONS, WE CANNOT ALLOW THE CHILDREN TO BE SERVED FOOD FROM THE ADULTS FOOD. Please clean up any food and/or beverage brought in for adults 30 minutes prior to end of party. There is no early entry, so please keep in mind that all items will enter with you as we see you in for your party.

F. At Olivia’s Dollhouse Tea Room, we have a specific order of activities so that we can most constructively use the time. You are welcome to take group or individual pictures, however, please remember that we may have to do this in lieu of opening gifts.

Our parties are packed with fun and follow a schedule. Guests who arrive late may join the party at whatever point the party has progressed to. For example, if the guests have already completed makeup and hair and are now dining, the late guest will skip makeup and hair and join the table for dining.

G. We are aware that the honored guest may have siblings and all are welcome. However, please note that there will be a charge for any child or adult who participates in the party (i.,e., dress-up, dining, or treasure chest). Children under 4 absolutely must be supervised by an adult at all times.

H. If less than your base number of guests (this includes the birthday girl) attend the party, you will still be charged the base price for your selected party.

I. Gift opening occurs at the end of the party, if time permits. We strictly adhere to the scheduled party times for each party and if time does not permit, unopened gifts will be sent home.

H. Parties are scheduled for 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours, depending on which party package you booked and the time slot you selected. You will be charged an additional fee for each minute you stay beyond your scheduled time slot.

H: Gratuity is optional and very appreciated. Out staff strives to provide the BEST customer service.

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