History: ¬†Once upon a time over 25 years ago in the community of Newhall near Valencia, a couple by the name of Tom and Jeannine Trikillis brought a little princess named Olivia into the world. In an effort to give Olivia a great childhood, Tom and Jeannine embarked on a way to throw their princess a different type of birthday party, unlike the ones that had become an every day tradition. “I got it”, said Tom to his wife Jeannine. All we have to do is focus on what every little girl loves the most. And after days of brainstorming, the clouds disappeared. And to their awe, they discovered something astounding!

They discovered that girls, no matter what age, love getting all dolled up in fancy clothes adorned with all the jewels, make up and fancy hair do’s. But little girls also love sitting down at a table to have tea with their dolls and chit-chatting.

You can visit the corporate site to find a location near you or view the many videos and photographs. It is an awesome site to visit.

One Cube or Two?

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